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1st Grade

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1st Grade


Dalton Local Schools Vision -  To collectively strive for excellence by inspiring and challenging each student to be their best.

First Grade Newsletter-February 22, 2019

WOW! So many shortened weeks make the schedules go crazy.  We will test unit 4.3 on Monday. Be sure to practice the sight words, vocabulary of seek and search, and the phonics skills of oa,oe, (Two vowels go walking the first one does the talking.),  ow, and o on an open syllable saying the long o sound.

NEEDED: Lots of illness means lots of tissues.  The first grade has run out of tissues. If you can send in another box, it would be appreciated. Thank you for those that have been sent.

SPRING CARNIVAL- March 22: A fun night for families and a great way to support school field trips, classroom Chromebooks and more through the PTO!  Volunteers are a MUST to make this happen and the added bonus is lots of smiles from the children. Please volunteer and also plan to spend some time with your family.

READING : Please see the Week At a Glance 4.4 for the spelling list, high frequency words and NEW to 1st grade vocabulary words.  Please NOTE: Reading Test Stories will all be read independently by the students.  The tests have really increased in rigor.


PLEASE have your child work with the WONDERS Reading Program.  This is the CONNECTED site and log in that your child may have received earlier this year.  RAZ Kids is great, but CONNECTED will give the children practice with the weekly phonics skills, sight words, decodable readers and stories read in class.  The web address is: https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/school/6u8x. (The children use this site in the classroom and are able to log in once the initial web address has been typed in.)


****MATH:  We will be testing over Module 4 and Place Value next week.  Please practice the following:

a. completing number bonds with tens and ones.  If there are 2 tens and 8 ones, the number bond would have 20 as a part, 8 as the other part and 28 as the whole.  

b.  Filling in the appropriate number of Tens and Ones.  Children still struggle knowing if there are 20 tens or 2 tens in the number 20. It is important if they are asking for the number of tens or the value of the number in the tens place.

c.  Drawing quick tens and ones to solve addition problems.

d.  Greater than > , Less than <, and equal to = symbols.  Know to look first at the number of 10’s to determine the larger number.

3.  Solve word problems and draw pictures of story.  The following type of question has been VERY difficult for some.  Remember to look if you have the part or the whole.   Jerry and Michele had 16 blue and yellow kickballs.  9 of the kickballs were blue. How many were yellow?   


What’s Ahead?

Feb. 22: End of Trimester

Feb. 23:  Wayne County Solo and Ensemble Contest at DEMS

Mar.4: PTO Raffle Begins

Mar. 5: PTO Mtg. 7:00 in DES Library- Please come and support the school

Mar. 8: Spring Pictures

Mar. 20-21: Kindergarten Registration by Appt.

March 22: McKinley Field Trip: Limited chaperones will be needed. Thanks for sending in chaperone requests.   We will have a drawing of names soon. Out of fairness, we will not take 2 parents from the same family unless we do not have enough volunteers.

Mar. 22: PTO Carnival

Mar. 27:  1st Grade Bicycle Helmet/Safety



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