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1st Grade

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1st Grade at Dalton Local Elementary


Dalton Local Schools Vision -  To collectively strive for excellence by inspiring and challenging each student to be their best

First Grade News 1-11-18                                                                                                

Just a reminder; there is no school on Friday, January 12th or the following Monday, January 15th.  It is our professional development day on Jan. 12th and Monday, Jan. 15th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

PTO Family night has been changed  to Jan 20

SCIENCE HOMEWORK: Today you will receive a pink letter with a baggie attached.  It will explain a science project of locating solids, gases and liquid states of matter.  Due to the snow days, we have not yet covered all of the material, but we would like you to have the chance to start collecting.  J

Due to the snow days, we will test skills from the story Gram and Me on Wednesday. We will be taking Unit 3 test the remainder of the week.  Check the skills listed below for things you may wish to practice. 

JANUARY 19th  SPELLING TEST WORDS: strike, string, splash, split, scrub, scrap, like, ride, says, were

We will NOT do the review list that was scheduled for the week of Jan. 16-19.

Please be sure to check your child’s mail today!  The interim report is in today’s mail.

101st Day: We will be celebrating the 101st day of school.  Providing we do not have snow days, the 101st day will be February 6th.  Throughout the day, the children will be engaged in various activities to practice and experiment with the number 101. The children will be asked to bring in 101 items, (that should fit in a lunch bag), and dress in black and white. More information to follow.

Reading Story: Finishing Gram and Me and Unit test

Word Wall Words: hello, could, walk, pull, all, oh, boy, girl, people, when, care, water, together, light, our, would, your, again, how, more, there, funny, so, call, give, about, were, read, say, says

Story Words: (These words have not been memorized but use patterns they should be able to apply to figure out the word.)   tale, tell, strong, stripes, read, hikes, spring, sprinting, some, over, having, yipped, gazed, swam, coming, wanted, sprang, ate, snacks, bench, chunk, having, sparkle, shine

SKILLS:   Main idea, compare and contrast, characters and setting, making predictions, present and past tense verbs, and proper use of is and are, reading long vowel words with the sneaky e on the end, and  reading words with consonant blends like sl, spl.  The children also should be able to read the words like driving, diving taping, and tapping.  We have also worked with antonyms, synonyms and possessive s as in Tom’s shirt.

Spelling Words: strike, string, splash, split, scrub, scrap, like, ride, says, were

MATH:  We have finished the Module 3.  We will begin Module 4 on place value next week.  The following will be our objectives:

  • Extend the Counting Sequence:  Read, write, represent and count to 120 , starting at any number. 
  • Understand Place Value:
  • Understand the 2 digits of a two-digit number represent amounts of 10’s and 1’s.
  • Understand the following: 10 can be thought of as a bundle of 10 ones called a “ten”; the numbers from 11-19 are composed of a 10 and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,  or nine ones; 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90 refer to one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, or nine tens and 0 ones.
  • Compare 2 two digit numbers based on the meanings of the tens and ones digits, and using the <,>,= signs appropriately.
  • Use Place Value Understanding and Properties of Operations to Add and Subtract
  • Add numbers within 100  (We will expand on this later.)
  • Given a 2 digit number, mentally find 10 more or 10 less than a number, without counting and explain the process used.
  • Subtract Multiples of 10 (Will expand on this later.)

MITTENS, GLOVES and SOCKS: Please remember how important DRY gloves are at recess.  When snow is on the ground, the children’s gloves do get wet and we do not have a way to dry them during the day.  It would be very helpful to keep a dry pair of socks and gloves in a small pocket of your child’s book bag for emergencies. Also, if you would label their items with their names, that would make it easier for any “lost” items to be found. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. J The children do not go out on very cold days, so snow

What’s Ahead

Jan. 12:  No School- Professional Development Day

Jan. 15: No School- Martin Luther King Jr. Day observed

Jan. 20: PTO Family Fun Night at 7:30

Feb. 7 and 12: Parent/ Teacher conferences

Feb. 15: Valentine’s Parties

Feb. 16: No School- Compensation Day

Feb. 19: No School- President’s Day

March 23: Tentative McKinley Field Trip: Limited chaperones

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 HOMEWORK -  Holiday Project


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