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1st Grade

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1st Grade






Dalton Local Schools Vision -  To collectively strive for excellence by inspiring and challenging each student to be their best.

First Grade News: 4-20-18 

 Wayne Lanes Bowling Trip:   What a day! Thanks to all of the parents for your help and support! The children had a wonderful time and hopefully recognized the forces of motion and thought about the lack of friction on the well-oiled lanes.  Encouraging others is also a lesson to last forever.  Thanks for an awesome day.    

Reading Story: Reading Story: Dot and Jabber and the Big Bug Mystery

     Dot and Jabber are looking for bugs, but they are hiding!  The children will learn to use the illustrations as they read to get information the author doesn’t tell them.  They will use the pictures to help them find the bugs as they read.

Word Wall Words:  been, gone, other,

Story Words:  invisible, searching, clues, insects, protects, senses, sparrow


·      Read, write and spell words with the dipthongs, ou and ow as in plow and bounce

·      Use illustrations and details in a story to tell about the characters, events and setting in a selection

·      Read grade appropriate literature with fluency and expression (exclamations emphasized)

·      Use sentence level context and phrases to determine the meanings of words and phrases


Spelling Words: cow, how, town, out, mouse, mouth, her, burn, gone, been

MATH:   We will be going back to Module 2 on addition/subtraction skills and strategies.  The children will need to have memorized the different ways to make ten in order to help with the strategies to be discussed.  0+10, 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, 4+6, 5+5, 6+4, 7+3, 8+2, 9+1, and 10+0. 

SCIENCE:  We will be studying forces and the different ways in which forces react to create movement.  The children will work with pushes, pulls, friction and types of motion.

Our objectives are as follows: 

  • Objects can be moved in a variety of ways, such as straight, zigzag, circular and back and forth.
  • The position of an object can be described by locating it relative to another object or to the object’s surroundings.
  •   An object is in motion when its position is changing.
  • The motion of an object can be affected by pushing or pulling. A push or pull is a force that can make an object move faster, slower or go in a different direction.
  • Friction slows or stops an object’s movements.

SUBWAY READING: March was the last month for the Subway reading program. 


What’s Happening:

April 21:  Spring Pictures or Money Packets  Must be turned in

May 1:  PTO meeting

May 1: Greenhouse dedication and plant sale

May 6: Pick up plants from the Flower Sale








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