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Dalton High Y-Ball

            "They're playing basketball. We love that basketball" is a song by Lil' Bow Wow called "Basketball". Numerous male students at Dalton high school took an interest in playing in a recreational basketball league over this 2014 winter season. This league is also known as Y-ball. The games were played at the Wooster YMCA Woodland facility. All games were officiated and every team was required to have an adult coach over 21 present. It cost $315 per team. The teams were required to provide shirts with numbers on the back. The team names were . . . read more

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This Generation and Social Media

This generation of children and teens has been introduced to many new social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These have greatly influenced the lives of many for the worst not the best. Nine out of the ten high school student's ages fifteen to seventeen surveyed at Dalton High School have one of these social media networks and have witnessed a negative outcome. Social media has also lead to an increase in child obesity (Butcher and Anderson). Lastly social media has decreased face to face communication. . . . read more

Is College For Everyone?

    "I believe God wants you to have money to pay your bills, send your kids to college, and do charity work and build orphanages. There's the teaching that we're supposed to be poor to show that we're humble. I don't buy that. I think we're supposed to be leaders, we're supposed to excel". I find this quote by Joel Osteen to be somewhat true. I believe that, yes, we are supposed to succeed in life, to excel and be good at what we do. However, I don't think one needs to go to college . . . read more


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